Let’s talk about the NEAR Protocol

Let’s talk about the NEAR Protocol (NearCommunity) #NEAR #NEARProtocol

At the end of 2020, the entire list of NEAR Ecosystems was published. In this list, we saw such large projects: Coinbase, Ledger, Chainlink, Ontology, Trust Wallet, 1inch, OKEX and many other large and proven projects.
2020 turned out to be a very difficult year, but at the same time very successful for the NEAR team and project.

Most important event of the year (2020): launching the Near Mainnet.

Success of NEAR for 2020, important points:

Electric Capital released the 2020 edition of their Developer Report this month and features lots of excellent NEAR growth stats. Some highlights: NEAR grew our developer community by 3x, is one of the top 10 gainers of devs, and has about the same number of developers as Ethereum did at this point in its growth timeline!

Build 🛠️

The best tools for developers were implemented, high-quality tutorials on creating your own applications were created, I think that everyone, with the right approach, will be able to create their own application.

To dive in and start tinkering with some example apps, head to NEAR.dev to dive in. For a high-level overview of how applications are put together on NEAR and a suggested path you can use to learn how to build your own, head to the Building Applications page.

For more in-depth intro content and tutorials to guide you on your way, check out our educational NEAR 101 video and NEAR 102 for ETH developers. You’ll find lots of other onboarding resources on our YouTube if you fall down the rabbit hole!